Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Cat is Confused - And Definitely Mama's Boy

In the 5+ years that A and I have lived together, we have never elected to sleep apart.

Yes, he may stay up until 2am playing games or watching movies, but he comes to bed. He's there when I wake up, and vice versa.

There was a 1 week work trip just before we found out about the PCOS where we were apart. But we were texting good night, good morning, and I miss you.

Yes, we make people ill. Even now.

Sunday night, we grilled some salmon and made some sides. Once the fish was cooked, all thought of actually eating it made me ill. So I opted to skip the main part of dinner, and A went ahead and helped himself.

He woke up yesterday morning and proceeded to throw up. He felt better, ate something, and then proceeded to do it again.

It was a long afternoon.

We both agreed that we couldn't risk this being a bug, and I immediately set up camp for myself on the couch. He needed quicker access to the bathroom, and the couch is actually perfect for sleeping on.

I actually nap there frequently.

Now, the cat is not allowed free roam of the apartment when unsupervised. When we leave for anything, he is told "Beds!" and then promptly runs into the bedroom. We close him off in half of the apartment, allowing access to the food and litter box and also the bedroom. He isn't allowed in the living room and kitchen so as to avoid any accidents.

The same is true when we go to sleep. Shadow will come with us, and has access to his normal domain and sleeps with us in out king size bed.

So last night, as A was about to drift off, we agreed to leave the apartment open for him. We knew that if I didn't come to bed, the cat would be trying to tear his way out. The assumption was that if given the freedom, he would wander and eventually climb into bed as usual.


That cat slept on top of the chair closest the couch. He followed me on potty runs, and promptly came back to sleep nearby.

He did attempt to sleep with me, but soon realized there wasn't enough room. And the return to the couch resulted in him sitting next to the couch and purring.

If there was ever any doubt on who he favored, there is no doubt now.

Especially since I left my pillows on the couch and he is still using them now to sleep away the day...

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  1. So he was sick all day on Monday and he STILL beat my Zuma score? Son of a...