Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Colonel is Still Happy

On Christmas Eve, we had dinner with A's family. This included his parents, sisters, grandparents, and an uncle, aunt, and cousin.

Dinner and dessert were absolutely amazing. And afterwards we sat at the table and talked about pretty random topics.

His aunt asked me who was handling our delivery and I told her about the Colonel. She recognized the name immediately, and asked how I'd managed to get lucky enough to have him take me as a patient.

Apparently, he is really well known, and has been known to have waiting lists of women who want him as their doctor. One of the only advantages to everything we have been through is that the Colonel is known for handling high-risk patients, and I managed to slide in during an opening he had.

Which brings me to wanting to do this right. I really have been careful about what we eat, and if it's something that may trigger a spike then I immediately grab the insulin.

Today we heard that wonderful heartbeat again, and then he reviewed my sugars and complimented me on the numbers.

We have a two week break from visits, and the next one will be at exactly 20 weeks. The best part: it's the "official" ultrasound, so I will get to see him again.

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