Thursday, December 30, 2010


Working from home means I literally spend every day in a chair in our sun room.

Being on vacation this week has meant moving more. We've been out running errands, to a local museum, and then putting away the Christmas decorations.

What have I noticed?

That if I stand still for too long my lower back

Apparently, my center of gravity is shifting, and my body is making the necessary adjustments.

The funny part?

I'm still not really showing. My abdomen is a lot more solid than it was, but still not really making me look pregnant. My jeans are a little snugger. My underwear kills me by the end of the day. But overall, I don't see a change.

At least not until after dinner. Then if I stand up you can tell that something is sticking out a little in an area that didn't have that before.

The big lesson this week: I need to get up and walk more everyday. And start doing something to stretch my back. Otherwise it's going to be a long journey until June.

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