Friday, December 17, 2010

I Need This Luck for the Lotto....

First, I have discovered I love walking through the snow.

As long as there is no wind, the cold feels good. I layer up in clothes, and go stomping through the crusty snow, and feel good after 20 minutes. It's so beautiful out, and the cold goes with A's body temperature, too. I laughed when I realized that the one season I figured it would be impossible to get me outside to walk turns out to be the one season I love it.

Course, I need proper footwear. My sneakers don't leak, but they aren't high enough for my poor socks.

Oh, and watching my husband scout the path ahead and then wait to hold my hand over the icy patches.... I really love that man.

Last night, our complex had a holiday party. Basically, the club room was filled with finger foods, desserts, and sodas for everyone to enjoy. They allowed people to bring their own booze and anything else to share.

And there were raffles for prizes.

The party was from 6-9, and we bundled up and made it down at about 7:20. I snagged fried chicken and some fudge, while A snacked on some pinwheel sandwiches.

As we walked in, they were in the middle of a raffle for prizes. We wandered a bit, snagged, our food once they were done, and then were talking when the woman who had leased us the apartment walked up. She realized we hadn't gotten a raffle ticket, and there was one last prize to give away.

Guess who won 10 minutes later?

So, we have a $25 gift card to Outback. I have another one that I got for free coming in the mail. And we definitely can eat for under $50 there.

Mmmmm. Prime rib.

Now, if only we could manage something like this with the Lotto, then we'd be set...

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