Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Trying to Relax

I am really trying not to think about what might be going on inside me. I just want to relax and go about life as normally as possible.

But it's so hard. We both smile at home. My family is sending good thoughts and prayers our way. So are countless friends.

Yesterday I found myself counting weeks. Based on the 1st day of my last cycle, 40 weeks out would make our due date 08/09/10. I couldn't help but giggle. We managed to get married on 08/08/08 and now this.

It also doesn't help when the OB/GYN jumps ahead of the game as well.

I literally just got off the phone with someone saying I was referred to them for a screening. A genetic screening. With the pre-natal team. Would I prefer an amnio or ultrasound-type test done?

I had to laugh. And then explain that I didn't even have a positive pregnancy test yet.

Shouldn't we wait to confirm there is a baby first?

This is going to be a very long couple of weeks.....

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