Monday, November 16, 2009

Feeling Relieved

Saturday's appointment started normally.

Once again, my normal OB/GYN wasn't available, so we met with a new doctor. I liked her. She was smart and direct and had a genuine smile.

She started with my right ovary, which was there and visible thanks to the water I chugged on the way in. That's a tip most people don't mention: drink water. It made this experience so much easier this time.

There was 1 small follicle, but it was too small to work with.

And then she went to the left.

There were 2. She showed them to us on the screen. They were there, looking at us and ready to go.

You cannot imagine the relief that poured through me. We had just asked her about the dosage limits on the Chlomid, and I was a little worried that in the end it would not happen for us without a lot of money and patience. But there they were, 2 follicles looking perfect.

She told us that this looked to be the right dosage, and asked if I wanted an injection.

For most women, the follicle is enough to know that ovulation is coming and to get to work. With my system, there may be the need for a boost. So that is what we did.

I was given an injection of some hormone at about 10 am. She then told us that it would trigger ovulation usually after 41 hours. So, we needed to just relax and go home.

And have lots of sex.

That has to be the best prescription ever given by a doctor.

So, it's almost 48 hours later and I can honestly say we did everything we could to get things in line. We have another 2 week wait before testing, and even that could still be negative. But it's working, it is really working. And that feeling of relief has made everything feel so amazingly wonderful.

I am going to leave you with something my wonderful husband said that made me giggle. And still has us grinning.

He is a big Transformers fan, dating back 25 years to their start. We were snuggling and talking when he placed his hand on my stomach and leaned down. And there, in our post-coital bliss, in his best Megatron voice, said out loud:

Deceptisperm! ATTACK!!

I love that man...

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