Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shaving the Kitty

Before anyone wonders:

This is really about Shadow. Nothing else. So if you were thinking this is an innuendo you are wrong.

I'm not allowed to discuss those things in public. It falls under "sharing too much information".

So, back to Shadow.

My beautiful boy has an amazingly long, soft, fluffy coat of gray fur. I love petting him, and he loves to purr when being admired.

Unfortunately, especially for A, the weather here is wrecking havoc with him. It's cold one week, so his coat thickens. The next week, we are back to 80 degree days, and he sheds again. Considering how neat he keeps himself, there is a lot of cleaning going on.

Which results in hairballs.

I feel so bad for him. It is literally becoming something that happens every 2-3 days, and A is home and hearing it. And cleaning it.

Which means I later get to hear about it.

We are contemplating having him groomed. Seriously groomed. To the point where his brother will end up having more fur than him.

I've promised to call and ask about pricing and appointments. I have confirmed that there is a PetSmart that can do this for us.

But it's breaking my heart to think of him missing all that beautiful fur.....

If decisions like this are so hard when dealing with the cat, can you imagine our child's first haircut??

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