Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wait, How Many Weeks Now?

Since I'm still not 100% healed, I still have to see The Colonel.  Though nothing like before, with my daily appointments.  Last time we went was 3 weeks ago, and he told his to see him in a month.  So I made the appointment for Friday the 5th.

And that has now been rescheduled to next Tuesday.

He's a busy man.

When his nurse called to discuss rescheduling and how I was, we started to talk about the baby.

Now, I have to tell you that both the women who work in his office remind me of characters from a movie.  Not because of appearance, but because of the way they took care of us for all those months, and the way they just are.

Ever see Practical Magic?  Yes, witchy chick flick movie, but one of my favorites, and something my sister and I can watch and giggle at.

It's the Aunts.  They remind me of the Aunts and how they were together and handled things and looked after everyone.

So when I get on the phone with one of them, it turns into a conversation about how we are, how the baby is, and if we need anything.

It's kinda great.

So, with yesterday's call I caught her up on the things that our son is doing.  She asked if he was teething yet, and I told her I thought it was too soon.  I mean, yeah, he is gnawing on his fist the last couple of days, and the drool is seriously out of control, but isn't it early for that?  I mean, he's only.....

Oh.  10 weeks.  It's been 10 weeks.

Which would explain why he is reaching for things when he has tummy time and looks like he wants to figure a way to get them.

Which is why he HATES being on his back and staring at nothing when he could be having conversations with his stuffed animals.

Which is also why we have to lay him down in his crib near the bottom of it, with his feet to his changing table, only to walk in to help with his pacifier in the middle of the night to find him all the way at the other end of the crib.  Then on the next pacifier fussing he is now laying parallel to the changing table, but still at the far end of the crib.  And then when awakens in the morning he is back at the end of the crib he started at the night before, only now he's facing the changing table.

Apparently he is able to perform a complete loop of his crib on his tummy.  In his sleep.  EVERY NIGHT.

We're only a couple of weeks from celebrating 3 months of parenthood, and the changes are coming in leaps right now.  He likes to watch things moving, talk to us, family, and inanimate objects.  And he has no interest in rolling but really likes to push up when on his tummy and try to hook his feet under him to push and scoot.

Where is the pause button?  Cause I keep thinking that we are missing parts of this, though we are here with him everyday.

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  1. I so wish I could be there to see him. I'm glad you're enjoying every single minute you have with him...