Monday, August 15, 2011

Parenting Oops #1

There are and will be plenty of stories like this one, I am sure.  So I'm actually going to try to keep track of them somehow to see where we get.

So, here's what happened on Sunday...

One of the joys and rites of passage to be a parent is to be peed on by your baby.

People, there is no way around it.  It's going to happen.  Whether a diaper leaks or your holding them after/before a bath and find yourself with a puddle.

With little boys, it's more of a challenge.  The equipment is built so that if this happens you are subjected to being "fountained".  It's what we have called it here since it happened to A the first time.

You should know that apparently he did this on a daily basis to his mother as an infant.  She joked about how she basically began taking a washcloth into his room and after removing the diaper she would strategically place it so that if he did go again at least it wasn't getting everywhere.  I actually called her the first time this happened to A, while she was at work, and listened to her laugh for 2 minutes about it happening to her son.

I seriously love his family.

I'm fast when changing a diaper, but I've still been hit twice in 11 weeks.  My husband has gotten smart about it, but there was a week there where he was a hit at least 4 times until he got into the habit of opening the diaper, let in some cool air, and then laying it back down for a minute to make sure it was safe.

Everyone has their own way.

Yesterday, the little man awoke from a nap and I changed him while daddy prepped his lunch bottle.  He laid on the changing table while I set up the new diaper and a wipe.  We've taken this little arch from the portable bed he has and put it on the changing table for entertainment.  Above his head hangs a small stuffed bear and also a cube that he likes to talk to.

For the record, this has resulted in calling it his Companion Cube.  If you get this, you are so my hero.  Just don't tell GLaDOS.

So, he's talking to his bear, I grab both ankles with my left hand, lift his butt in the air and slide out the old diaper.  I slide the new diaper right in and then I notice the sound.  Like running water hitting vinyl.  And as I drop his feet I realize what he's done.

Apparently while in mid-air, he began to pee.  The arch his bear is on has a vinyl cover, so he was hitting that, the top of his own head, his bear, and the top of the changing table.  By the time his legs came down, I was able to cover him with the diaper just as he was finishing.  Nothing had hit his face, just the top of his head, and he was there with his goofy little grin.

And that's when I began to laugh.  Left hand holding down his diaper, head on the edge of the changing table, right hand on my knee.  Unable to breathe or stand up.

Now, A could hear this and after a minute came to see what was so funny.  The baby is still all grins, and if I stand up I start to hyperventilate because I cannot stop laughing.  Eventually he figures this all out and has to take over the diaper changing and clean up because it's to the point where I'm about to pee MY pants from laughing so hard.

I still am giggling and it's been 24 hours since it happened......

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