Monday, August 8, 2011


Someone slept 11 hours straight, but that still had him awake in his crib at 6am.  He talked to his stuffed animals for 30 minutes and then bellowed for food.

I nudged A and he got up to prep a bottle. 

I was greeted by cooing and gurgling as I walked into the baby's room.  We did a diaper changes and I nibbled on his cheeks while he laughed.

My husband and I passed each other in the hallway.  Me headed for the living room and the early morning feeding.  He was headed back to bed to relax a little bit longer.

After a feeding, a burping, and a poop, someone was ready to play.  That means time on the play mat with Sesame Street in the background.  Don't judge.  We play together too, but he likes all the music and noise in the background.  And at least it's educational.

I took a minute to run back to our room, where A was now in the shower.

I said good morning.  He said happy anniversary.

It's been 3 years today since we married.  This our first year with a little one.  No special trip or dinner out.  We're on a budget and trying to stick to it.  Which is fine, because I like our new routine.

Life feels good.

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