Thursday, May 5, 2011

Z is for Zzzzzzz

Of the three members of our household currently sleeping in our bed, I think the cat was the only one who slept enough last night.  And even then it was apparently still a rough night for him.

I know that I was incredibly lucky during the first part of this pregnancy.  Even the exhaustion I was warned about never hit me to the point where I couldn't function.  I napped a couple of times after work, maybe a couple during lunch, and went to bed a little early.  But it passed, and I was sleeping.

That's the key: I was sleeping.

Now, all my body wants is food and sleep.  I can't seem to stop eating, though I am trying to be good, and I still space my intake out every 2 hours.  Last few nights my last snack of the night have been large bowls of Banana Nut Cheerios with milk.  My morning blood sugars are excellent, I've even been able to reduce my overnight insulin needs, but if I don't eat that bowl I feel like I am starving by midnight.

The hunger is something I can control to an extent.

But sleeping at this point it a whole other issue.

First off, even with the proper placement of a bazillion pillows, there is always some part of me that aches.  Whether it's my hips or my ass, something feels like it's being pulled. 

Second of all, overnight bathroom trips are an ordeal as I have to slowly roll myself to a position where I can get upright, then slowly wait for my joints to catch up with my movements.  Then I get to stand in the dark until I have regained balance, only to waddle my way to the bathroom.

Finally, if I sleep too long on one side I end up in even worse shape when it comes time to move.  Even in a king size bed, A is suffering the brunt of my attempts to move and reposition pillows in the dark.  Not to mention that said pillows are taking over more than my half of the bed.

And don't get me started on the lies that come from all the baby books: I feel this little boy move MORE now than at any point in the pregnancy so far.  For someone who doesn't have that much more room left, he manages to kick and thump his way through the majority of the day and night.

What I wouldn't give for a full night of sleep these days.

I've let him know that if I can't get comfortable tonight then I'll be sleeping in the chair in the living room.  It is honestly the only place that I can get comfortable and sleep, even at the oddest times of the day.

And since NOTHING is helping with the swollen feet and ankles it's more important to be comfortable, I think the chair is definitely going to win out.

Less than 4 weeks until the due date....

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