Monday, May 2, 2011

W is for Weight

For the majority of my pregnancy, my weight was coming along steadily, but not too fast.  In fact, during the 1st half there was barely any gain at all.

But things have changed in the last 3-4 weeks.  Really changed.

Last week was the biggest jump, and add to that my swollen legs, ankles, and feet....well, the Colonel showed some concern but is looking at the whole picture.

My blood pressure is so even it's almost ridiculous.  In fact, I think the numbers are better than they were BEFORE I became pregnant.  And no protein in my urine at all so far.

But still.  He mentioned Preeclampsia last Tuesday, and this set A and I into full Google mode to make sure we completely understood what was happening.  And what options were out there.

We left that appointment on Tuesday with the agreement that after the next BPP on Thursday we would come by again to check weight, urine, and blood pressure as usual.  Any more spikes or abnormalities and we'd be back on Friday to discuss things.

That night as we were lying in bed, A curled up behind me and hugged me.  We talked about things, and both suddenly realized we were seriously going to be parents.  The excitement about bringing our son home, and the move in the middle of April, and now the unpacking and nursery set up....

We hadn't sat down long enough to realize how fast time was flying.  That we were down to the last month. 

That this was really happening.

And could be happening any day now.

Obviously, Thursdays appointment went normal on all fronts.

But we are living appointment to appointment now.  Waiting for the sign that it's really time.

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