Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Closest Thing To A Birth Plan For Us

So, in the flurry of the last week, we've learned that our little boy isn't as little as most babies on my side of the family.

Current estimates put him at about 8lbs, and his other stats put him in the 95th percentile for growth.

He has a huge head and stomach, and the ultrasounds once again showed us plenty of hair.

The Colonel has had us look at the different complications that come with being diabetic and pregnant, and after being scared by a couple of them, we went in to his office last week and announced that we were in favor of a c-section when the time came.

I never had a birth plan, only that I wanted to do whatever would be best for everyone.  But based on his size, there may not be another safe alternative.  And this way my diabetes will be monitored throughout, and there will be no extra stress on me or the baby if things run over.

At this point, the deal is that we cannot electively request he be born before 39 weeks.  After that date, we can set a date, schedule the surgery, and then go in.  Up until then, if I start to go into labor, I have been instructed to call the hospital immediately and let them know.  If they attempt to tell me to wait until the contractions are closer or anything else, the Colonel said to notify them I am diabetic and need to be monitored immediately per his instructions so that if this is it the c-section may be performed before I get to a point where no one will agree to it.

These are those moments where having A at all the appointments is the best thing ever.  He has the instructions, knows what we need to do, and has told his dad (our ride when all this goes down) what is needed so everyone is on board.

So, without realizing it, we have a birth plan ready to go......

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