Tuesday, May 3, 2011

X is for X Chromosone and Y is for Y Chromosone

With the rushing of the last week or so, we've slowed down long enough to talk about what we want for our son.

And it has made me stop and wonder more about what to expect.  He will be a part of both us, something we made together, and it will be interesting to see what he gets from each of us.

Will he have my curly hair?  My husbands straight hair?  Will it be as dark as mine, or stay light like A's?

We both have brown eyes, but his mother's family is are all blond and green/blue eyed.  What are the chances that we'll end up with something other than our trademark brown?

How tall will he be? 

How about the dimples we both manage to have when we are smiling or laughing?

And the cheeks...  A has these cheeks that were apparently irresistible to any passerby at church as he as growing up.  Will those full round cheeks be our son's curse as well? 

There are really so many ways to imagine him.  No matter what, he will be his own person, with just enough of both of us to be able to call him our own.

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