Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Well, the last week really has flown.....

Tell me truthfully: Have you missed me?

I met the man of my dreams and fell instantly in love last Wednesday morning.  He is the perfect boy, with the most amazing grin, and I literally jump when he wakes so I can smell him and snuggle.

Thank goodness he is a snuggler.

Before we get into the details and pictures, I have doctors to see and breast pumping to do.  So, here is something else to go read....

BlogHer has a book club, and I was lucky enough to be included in a recent book review.  Please take a moment to go here and take a look at the latest selection and what my thoughts were on it.  I'll also be writing another for them in June, and I'll make sure to share that link with you too.

I will be back this week to share how my new love came into this world and a couple of pictures.  And then you'll get to here about being a mother and how my husband went from admitting last Tuesday he had never held a baby in his life to being so enamored that he races for the baby when he wakes so he has time with his Little Monster.

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