Friday, January 29, 2010

More On Shadow...

So, Shadow's clinging nature has not subsided. This is seriously the most interesting behavior for a cat.

I cannot sit in the computer chair and lean back or he is on my chest. He has leaped from the floor onto the keyboard tray of the desk in order to get in front of me.

It's not getting better.

His crying in the morning begins when I go to the bathroom to shower. I love warm showers, and in the Winter shower with the door closed for optimum heat. Once I step in, the crying begins. So today I thought I would try something new.

First, you need to know our bathroom issue. We rent a mobile home, and it has always sat at a slight tilt. It's noticeable in the kitchen when you spill something on the counter, and also in the bathroom because the door has never quite lined up correctly.

In order to close the bathroom door, I have to grasp the doorknob and then lift the door up towards the hinges. The door will then close, though not all the way, and basically sticks in place until you force it open. While A has more strength and doesn't have to resort to lifting, it still causes us headaches with the whole thing.

Especially when it requires all my body weight to force the door open if closed all the way.

So, the thought this morning was that I should take Shadow into the bathroom with me. He could stay there and wait for me to get out of the shower, and maybe it would stop the meowing issue.

Yeah. Not so much.

The slight meowing turned into yowling about 2 minutes after I had stepped in and closed the curtain behind me. I peeked out and talked to him, which stopped that, but when I went back behind the curtain, he started again. And then decided to reach under the door and try to scratch the carpet for a way out.

Now, I don't close the door completely. I honestly don't have the strength. I basically wedge it closed enough that I can guarantee warmth stays in.

And it still takes some effort for me to pull the door open.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I heard the door open while in the shower. I thought A had gotten tired of the echoing cries and did something about it. But I never heard the door close.

So I peeked out again.

And Narco was now in the bathroom looking at me, with Shadow nowhere to be found.

Somehow, between them, they'd managed to pop the door open so Shadow could leave. I noticed he was laying outside the open door while I was drying off, and A was asleep again.

Apparently that adrenaline rush that people get when put in extreme situations extends to animals, too.

That, or my cat is the gray Hulk.

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