Wednesday, January 20, 2010

About the cat....

On Friday, January 8th, I was up at 5am. I got ready for work, left home, and didn't return until Sunday, January 10th, at about 10 pm.

While I enjoyed the time away, and relaxed with my closest friend for 2 nights, my cat has been traumatized.

Ever since A stopped working in mid-October, both animals have enjoyed the additional freedom of him being home with them. Due to the large number of collectibles in the living room, they are not allowed to roam free when no one is home. They are used to this, and we have gone away in the past and never had issues.

But this one is different.

My first night away, I was told that both animals behaved fine, and everyone slept through the night. The second night was different, as by then there was something not right in our household, and A has reminded me a couple of times of the 2 whole hours of sleep he got that night.

Since my return, Narco is his normal cat self and comes near when he wants to be scratched or to keep warm.

Shadow has become a different kind of problem.

I am followed more intensely. He is insistent about being in my arms if I am on the computer. When I am on the couch, he is on my lap, looking over my shoulder from the back of the couch, or insisting on draping across my chest like a fur stole.

Cooking is now more interesting, as he no longer lays at one end of the kitchen. He participates in his own way, following me from each appliance to the next, and sitting nearby as I chopped items or wash my hands.

None of this has been too bothersome. I love the attention and love, and he is such a momma's boy. It actually has us all laughing at night when I can't see past a certain furry ass to watch television.

The problem has been the mornings.

I am up every weekday by 7:15 to shower and dress. I then slip out of our room to prep lunch and drive to work. This routine hasn't changed, but the extra 90 minutes or so that A used to get is gone.

As soon as I step in to the bathroom and close the door, the meowing starts. Apparently, Shadow cries until he hears me get out of the water. He will calm down, but when I leave the room he goes to listen by the bedroom door. There is no noise while I am still in the house, but as soon as the back door opens, and I walk out, he starts again.

I don't think there is any way to stop this. Luckily, A has been reasonable and is starting to get used to being up early. If he calls to Shadow, the cat will jump up to lay with him and he can at least rest in bed. Otherwise, the cat cries as if he has been abandoned.

We had had some reservations about the drive to VA with Shadow on board. But after this development I realize that there is no way we could leave him behind. Narco will be fine with my brother once we are gone. I think he will miss his brother, and Shadow will miss him as well, but I don't think the separation will be nearly as devastating as my leaving Shadow behind.

Am I over thinking the emotions of my cat?

More than likely.

But when something loves you that unconditionally, how can you not?

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