Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just Keep Swimming...

I talked to D today and she asked how I was. I told her I was trying to remain calm and relaxed. And seducing A at any opportunity.

Then she asked if I was humming this little tune from Finding Nemo. Which I hadn't been. Until that moment.

And now I can't get it out of my mind.

The injection happened Friday night, and ovulation is supposed to have happened within 41 hours. It could happen faster, it could take longer, depending on the woman.

So, we were very busy this weekend with the baby making, and I am carrying that into this week for as long as possible. So far, so good.

I have to be completely honest:

My husband and I have a very healthy sexual relationship. We've never gone at it like bunnies, but neither of us has been left wanting anything. So baby making is a bit of a different experience for us because we normally aren't the type of couple who look at a calendar and wonder how long it has been since the last time we did anything. We've always just gone with the flow of life, and now it's a more aggressive little dance we are doing.

Yes, we are enjoying the sex. A lot. And I know this because we can still laugh and tease one another openly, and neither of us is looking at the other and sighing deeply about getting physical. Again. And again.

Today is the 5th day since the injection, and I am honestly trying not to think pregnant. I don't want to get in that mindset and then be completely devastated.

So for now....

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. Swimming, swimming. Just keep swimming....

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