Monday, March 4, 2013

The Only Hiccup

We are on day 10 of the new place and I have only one issue.

Or, I should say, James has only 1 issue.

The bath tub.

My boy is what my MIL calls a water baby.  He loves to sit in the tub with toys and play until he is resembling a prune.  We actually wait until he is gesturing to get out of the water to remove him to avoid the fight. 

I tend to bring the Kindle into the bathroom and play solitaire while he plays.  Everyone wins this way.

We've completed 1 bath since the move, and it wasn't fun.

Before anyone comments on the 1 bath: my son doesn't stink.  He doesn't play with food and get it everywhere.  He eats and plays and gets wiped down, but the bathing thing has never been a regular thing, especially in the Winter.  Come Summer that will change as he gets to go out more.  So, he had a bath the night before we left, then last Tuesday night, and then things were nutso with unpacking, so nothing since.

And that bath was more like him wading in water because he refused to sit down.

Yes, he played for 20 minutes with his toys, in the water, while standing.  The water came to mid shin, he was completely naked, and he refused to sit.

Even when I was rinsing shampoo out of his hair.

He stood there.

We've since found all his tub toys, so I'm gathering those this afternoon and trying again after he has dinner.

This keeps up, James will be taking showers instead of baths in order to save water and time.

We'll have to get him a water table for the back porch so his tub toys aren't left out.

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