Thursday, March 21, 2013

"Uh-Oh" Is Not a 4 Letter Word

You always here those stories.

You know the ones.

When you have a toddler in the house, and it's quiet, you should prepare for the worst.  Especially once they learn "uh-oh" and link it to something falling or spilling.

That isn't the case here.

In the continuing attempt to get James to talk more, he has developed his own way of communicating. 

There is his Jedi force pull motions that let us know he wants a drink.

He no longer throws things at us to fix them, but instead hands them to us.  That Jedi motion is still made, but the object is safely in our hands and it's obvious he needs help making it work.

There is also his way of indicating he is either done eating or needs more to eat.

We still need to work on how he shows that to us while in his high chair.  If not paying attention closely he will smack the spoon if you try to push another bite.

But if he is eating out of his bowl, either there or at his desk in the living room, he let's you know he is finished by turning the empty bowl upside down and walking away.

Don't know where that came from, but it works.

If food is still in the bowl he will walk away and just leave it behind.  Pushing him into eating more leads to him slowing pushing the bowl towards the edge, leaving you to decide whether to just take it away or let it come crashing to the ground, spilling food everywhere.

On the carpet, of course.  Cause his desk is in the living room so he has a place to sit.  So much fun.

Here is the one that makes us laugh every time.

You see, James learned "uh-oh" months ago.  It started out as something that was said when toys fell or were thrown to the ground.  Now it's become something else for him.

When James wants something he will come out to us and say "uh-oh mama" or "uh-oh papa".  That right there is the indicator to follow and see what he needs. 

If it's food, he will bring you his empty bowl if there is one around and then run to the kitchen and say his new phrase out loud.  When you walk in, he is standing and pointing at what he wants: animal crackers, drink, mini M&Ms, whatever is within view.

No bowl?  Not a problem!  He will still be wherever it is that needs you, saying "uh-oh mama/papa" and indicating his need.

Of course we were a little slow on picking this up at first.  Now that we know what he is trying to tell us, we follow and take care of things for him.  Whether it's the light in his room cause the sun is setting, or turning on a toy that he accidentally switched off, or just refilling his animal crackers.

The little man is growing too fast for my taste.  But I love that he is able to communicate, and he knows it.  There are less times when things are thrown lately.

Actually, that only happens when it's nap time and we haven't clued in on him being tired.

But that's a different post for another day.

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