Friday, March 8, 2013

The One Where Bath Time May Never Be The Same

So, Day 14 in the new place was yesterday.  And I officially moved ahead with bath time.

I know, I know.  I procrastinated 2 extra days.  Life happens.

I purposely snuck in and filled the tub and threw in 3 toys while James was distracted with something in his room.  Once it was all ready, I picked him up and took him in to show him.

He stood by the tub as I removed his shirt and was about to do his pants when he bolted.

That was the first sign that this was not going to be easy.

I caught up with him in his room and managed to get his pants off, and then carried his diapered bottom back to the bathroom.  Once again, he stood near the tub as I removed that, and then began to whimper.

That was the second sign.

He began to reach for his tub toys, so I lifted him up and stood him in the water.

James has his days where he cries about nothing.  He's bumped his head and been hurt.  But neither of us have ever heard the noise he made when he stood in the tub and then reached for me and cried "mama".

Internets, I almost called it quits and declared he could wait until Summer to use the pool.


Daddy heard that noise and cry and came right into the room.  Again, we'd never heard this cry, which sounded as if we were beginning a slow torture process.  He doesn't cry when he's left with family or when we leave.  This was the sound of total abandonment and begging to please not leave him.

I was kneeling by the side of the tub as he stood in the water and clutched at me.

So Daddy did what needed to be done.

Last night, James took a bath with his Daddy.

James let me bathe him and played and laughed.  He had no issues as long as he could feel Daddy in the water next to him.

Daddy says he'll be doing this with him until we can get past this phase.

I'm going to look into foam toys to stick on the tub, or maybe water paints that he can play with, in the hopes that it will distract him into enjoying baths again.

Meantime, Daddy will be showering and bathing twice a day every 3-4 days. 

Cause that's what Daddy does for his little Stinksopotamus.

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