Friday, March 22, 2013

Sharing Leads to Learning

I love talking to my mom about the latest in James' world.

From his incessant need to turn on all the lights in a room, to having to close every drawer and door, or his latest animal noises. 

I say he has some OCD issues, my mom tells me he just has a need to be organized.

His need for organization can be a little trying, but we are working through it.

My latest favorite is that I learned about a Greek philosopher named Diogenes the other day.

Why would be discussing Greek philosophy on the phone?

Diogenes was apparently known for his stunts, and the one most talked about was his walking around with a lit lamp during the daytime and saying he was looking for an honest man.

You see, my son has discovered flashlights.  He likes to have one on, and he shines the light on the floor and walks with his eyes on that light.  It looks like he is walking in an attempt to "catch" the light.

Why do I say that?

Because when he holds the beam out a little further than the tips of his toes we noticed he would start to walk faster.  In what appeared to be an attempt to get to that beam of light before it escaped.

When I told my mom this story, and compared him to a little old caretaker, she laughed and immediately said there was a Greek philosopher that was known for walking with a lit lamp during the day.  I had no clue, and she couldn't remember the name immediately, but she found it for me later.

It would appear that our young Diogenes is in search of something.  We haven't quite figured out exactly what.

But I have to buy a large box of D batteries because if that light goes out we may all be in trouble.

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