Monday, March 18, 2013

Still Getting Organized

We are still unpacking things and slowly getting completely settled.  I've set a deadline of Easter, which happens to be the 31st of this month.

Luckily we have a storage space.

While the new place is more room, we don't have enough shelves for everything we would like to have out.  There are some sacrifices being made, and some shelving we will be putting up, but overall we are quite content.

My next project is my office/guest room.  The youngest of my twin niecese will be moving in on April 19th, so I need to clear the room of boxes, get a bed, and have it prepared before that.

Then we need to replace our couch, and finally a television and stand for our room so we can all watch our programs happily.

All these changes take place between 2-5 pm each day.

There is no unpacking while a certain toddler is awake.  He likes to "help" and what would take a few minutes turns into 20 minutes of trying to stop someone from rearranging things.

His sense of style is rather interesting.  But not what I had in mind.

Especially for my cookbooks.

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