Thursday, February 28, 2013

Toy Migration Season

We've been here almost a week, and yesterday the toy migration season began.

One of the things we looked forward to in this move was that James would have a room where he could have ALL his toys and his toy box.  The old place didn't have that option, so his toy box and the majority of his things were in the living room.

The old living room was so cramped it was nuts.

So, this first week has been an adjustment.

He would rather be with us in the living room than in his room, so no toys were really played with.  His keyboard made the trip back and forth, and he would hover everywhere we went.

But yesterday.  YESTERDAY.

Daddy finally went in with all his stuff and organized it.  It looked more like his room again.  And some toys that were hiding suddenly revealed themselves.

So, it started.

First it was a couple of Mega Blocks.  Then those wooden puzzle pieces.

Then his cars and a truck.

Keep tuned in as we begin the next great big lesson in life:

Taking toys back to the room they belong in every night.

*Maniacal Laugh* *Maniacal Laugh*

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