Tuesday, February 5, 2013

If This Keeps Up I'll Have Enough Lemonade For the Summer

So plans have totally flipped upside down and inside out since the beginning of the month.

Our move isn't happening as planned.  Without getting into the details, things that needed to happen aren't happening, our lease is coming up for renewal, and I just can't stay here another year.

My son needs more room to grow, and I need a real office space to work in.

The hunt has begun, we have a couple of places we want to look at, and hopefully it works out.

Of course that means our tax return will be going to pay for this move.

Who needs a vacation, right?

Luckily we had already started packing, so if a place comes up we will be jumping on it ASAP.

Now let's just hope nothing else goes wrong.

You know that saying about making lemonade when life hands you lemons?

Luckily I haven't packed the juicer.

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