Thursday, January 31, 2013

Looking Back In Time

This month's BlogHer Book Club Selection, Here I Go Again by Jen Lancaster was a good read that made me stop and think about the person I was 20 some odd years ago.

My 20th reunion was this last Fall, and it was amazing to see the same people I had lunch with everyday all sitting at the table with me for dinner.  Realizing how much had changed, how much was the same, and the people we were then and now made me see that high school really ended a long time ago.

Reading about Lissy Ryder's realizations about who she was, who she wasn't, and what needed to be changed, made me happy I surrounded myself with people I never wanted to lose touch with.  And thanks to Facebook and Twitter I still "see" them daily.

What do you remember about high school?  When you look back can you honestly see yourself and the things you did?

Take some time to read Here I Go Again and visit the BlogHer Book Club to join the conversation.  What do you REALLY remember about that time?

This is a sponsored review for the BlogHer Book Club. While compensation will be forthcoming for taking the time to write about the book, the opinions stated are all mine and mine alone.



  1. hi, i'm your newest follower from botetourt! i was reading your profile and we are from ca too! what part of ca are you from? we are from san diego :) nice to meet you!

  2. Hello!

    I was born and raised in Santa Clara, CA. It's right next to San Jose, and about a 45 minute drive south from San Francisco.

    What brought you to VA?