Thursday, January 17, 2013

Testing the Fences for Weaknesses...Systematically

Is there anything that a child of 19 months think they cannot do?

The other day he tried to walk off the couch.

Not roll or slide, or even just scoot. 

He was standing, watching his daddy in the other room, and suddenly decided he wanted to be there and not on the couch with me.  So, James started to walk right off the edge.

I am apparently quicker than I thought I was.  Cat like reflexes.  That's me.

James hasn't quite gotten to the point where he can climb up on couches and chairs, but he tries.  He has also proven that he remembers things.

Yes, I've mentioned that before.  He has his apps and he knows how they work.

But now it's things that he hasn't had access to in almost a month.

You see, for Christmas he received a Transformers Optimus Prime Semi-Truck wagon to be able to pull his toys along.  It's not a deep wagon, but it's long, and all his blocks fit on it.

Our apartment does not have the room for all his new things, so it's been sitting near the balcony door, behind his Spider-man desk.

Yeah, I know.  We are seriously geeks in the worst way and he will know all these characters as he grows.

His wagon plays music and has voice recordings with some of Optimus's phrases.  There's a button on top of the cab of the truck that activates one set of noises.  He loves being able to push it, and there is no denying where it is.  It looks like a button to push.

There is another button that is masked in the grill of the truck.  As an adult, I can tell it's there and can push it with no problems.  James was shown this button by his daddy at Christmas, but he couldn't push it as easily, and was honestly hitting the wrong part of the grill.

It's been almost a month, and the wagon was pulled out to get access to the blocks it was carrying last night.  James immediately hit the easy to find button and played to his heart's content.

Then he stopped and sat in front of the truck and stared at the grill.

Using his thumb, he pushed on different areas to see what would happen.

He still can't find the right place to trigger the extra sounds.

But he remembers.

Such a smart little Velociraptor.

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