Thursday, January 3, 2013

Back to "Normal"

After 11 days with no lap top on so that I wouldn' look at work stuff I had to return to work.

Two days later I am caught up.  And back to a normal schedule.

Have you missed me?

James has.

I've decided we need to find a way to become independently wealthy so that I can spend days doing just what my son wants.  Stack blocks.  Dance to music.  Watch television.  Play with trucks.

For the record, I love having a boy.  There are moments when we are at a store and there is something adorable for a little girl that make me think how sweet it would be to have a daughter.  But then I get to come home and push trucks along and play with him in his Spider-man desk and I realize this is more my style.

That's not to say that girls can't play with these toys, too.  I think she would have had Transformers in her room regardless because my husband loves them so.

But I was always a tomboy, so this feels natural.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to crank up the volume on this thing here so I can go back into the other room and play with Mega Blocks.  James loves to pretend he is Godzilla!

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