Monday, January 7, 2013

He Knows What He Wants

Last month, my husband and I went to the movies and took my FIL with us.  Due to the length of The Hobbit, James got to spend a whole day with his great grandparents.

This is major because normally we try to arrange things around his nap or have someone watch him here so he sleeps in his crib.

The trip to CA showed me he will sleep in a playpen, so we decided to give it a whirl and see what happened.

I also should mention that I have given the green light to EVERYONE to let him try anything you are eating.  He is curious these days, and will give pretty much anything a chance.

Well, he napped a good nap that day, so we picked him up in time to go out to dinner.

While getting him bundled to leave, they gave me a recap of what he'd eaten.  It was full of variety since they'd taken him to a local buffet, and included chicken strips and mashed potatoes and green beans.

Oh, and M&Ms.

There was a dessert bar, and his great grandaddy couldn't resist letting him try out things.  There were some mini M&Ms, and apparently James fell in love.  Enough so that when they got home they let him try the original sized ones, and he had no problems.

Fast forward to Christmas Eve.

We had dinner and my husband's uncle and aunt's house.  Everyone ate, James sampled what was there, and then ate some jarred food to make sure he was full.

Dessert was a variety of cookies and treats to help yourself to, and it was situated on a low wall right behind us in the dining room.  James had been playing with people, and finally decided he wanted us.

He sat on my lap, finished eating, and then as daddy got up to get more snacks, James stood up and looked at the bounty of sugar.

And reached for a cookie.

I grabbed it and was about to break off a piece for him when he swatted at my hand.

And then quickly proceeded to rip the three M&Ms that were baked into the top right off, one right after the other, and eat them.

Just like that, he was wiggling to get down and play.

Christmas morning he was gifted with a bag of mini M&Ms of his own.

They are in a drawer and he gets a few at a time for dessert.  So far, he seems to grasp that is all he gets and hasn't fought for more after finishing his serving.

I'm all for letting him enjoy foods of all kinds.  But also working on moderation.

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