Monday, February 25, 2013

All Moved!

Everything was moved on Friday, and yesterday we had to run back for 90 minutes to get the last bits and pieces and clean a little.

James was weary the first night, and he still isn't sure about his room just yet.  But he has slept 12+ hours the last 2 nights, so I'm thinking that's a win.

Today is my first day with a real office.

Which will eventually be a guest room as well.  My niece is coming to stay with us for 3 months.  Her husband will be in Army training just a short way from here, so this will put her closer to him.

Internets, I am exhausted.  I didn't do any of the heavy moving, but the cleaning and unpacking and organizing of my kitchen has me bone tired.  This office/guest room is nothing but boxes and my desk in the corner.


The best thing so far?

James' great grandparents live so close that they took James out while running errands this weekend.

We are looking forward to more breaks like that!

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