Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thinking Back for Some Odd Reason

I don't know if I ever told this story, but it hit me as my husband and I were talking about the movies coming up on our radar.

James was born just after the summer films launched, and I still remember the last two movies we saw before we became parents:

Thor and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

I'm not sure which one it was at, but while on the way in to the theater, the ticket taker said he had to check my back to make sure I wasn't carrying a recording device.  I shrugged and let him look in the bag.

And that's when he told me I couldn't bring in my 32oz water bottle because no outside food was allowed.

Up to that point, the only time I used my pregnancy to our advantage was the parking at Toys R Us.  I walked everywhere and always carried my water.  It really was one of my things: I drank at least two 32oz containers of water a day and took it with me everywhere.

By the time we got to the movies, I was 3 weeks from being due, the weather was warming up, and I'd had to drive us in the old car because A didn't know how to drive a stick shift.

So this boy told me no, and I raised my voice.  I remember loudly letting him know I was really pregnant and diabetic, and I needed to drink my water.  I pulled out the insulin and told him there was no way I was leaving behind my water just to spend $6 on one of theirs.

He honestly apologized and said there was nothing he could do, but I could talk to the manager behind us.

You know, the one who had sat there and watched the whole thing erupt in front of her.

I gave her a look and took 1 step in her direction.

She held up a hand and told him to let me take my water in with me.

Some days I wonder if the people who make up these policies ever stop to think about the wide array of people they tend to every day and how convenient it would be to train their employees to make some concessions of their own based on logic.

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