Friday, February 10, 2012

A Teething....Rash???

This morning started like any other:

Daddy got up and started the coffee maker.  James laid in his crib and chatted with stuffed animals and called for "mama" every so often.  I laid in bed making a mental checklist of things that needed to be done today.

I heard A shaking a bottle up, and I started to stretch.  He came down the hallway, turned in to James' room, and I heard the squeals of someone who was ready to get up and excited to see someone there.

Then quiet.

And suddenly A is asking me, not in a scared voice, but in a slightly loud voice, to come to the baby's room.

Internets, I was expecting scales or claws or a second head.  My husband didn't make it sound bad, but there was a tone to his voice that made me realize this wasn't a cute moment I just HAD to see.  This was something not good.

James was laying in his crib, facing up at us, smiling.  And his cheeks were so red that you would have thought he'd been trying to apply some blush by the handful with his little chubby fingers.

I leaned in to the crib.  There was no fever.  The cheeks were warm, but not bumpy.  Just really, really, REALLY red.

I hadn't even stopped to get my glasses, so I told A to get him up and moving.  We needed to get him breakfast and keep an eye on things, see if they stayed the same, got worse, cleared up, and most importantly if there was anything like that on any other part of his body.

By the time I came back, James was changed and headed to his high chair.  He ate breakfast, and by the time it was done his left cheek was clearing up quickly.  Play time started, and daddy went to do what he does best:

Google the issue.

He narrowed it down to 3 options, and then added in a couple of other symptoms.

Like the EXTRA excessive drooling over the last few days.

The gnawing on EVERYTHING with such ferocity that I was afraid he'd snap one of his toys in half.

The slight diarrhea consistency the day before.

Did you know that one of the signs of teething, besides the above, is a rash like appearance on the cheeks?  Did you?  Cause we didn't.

Until this morning.

That, mixed with sleeping in his excessive drool, can cause this interesting phenomenon.

So, if this is true, I think we'll be okay.

Of course, if it doesn't continue to clear itself up, then A is never allowed to Google symptoms again.

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