Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In Awe

I remember my brother learning to crawl and then walk.

Even my nieces made me giggle when they began moving.  Being twins, it was hilarious to see one following the other, and the games they seemed to play.

But this is different.

Each day, he moves faster.  Even the cat is a little more wary today than on Saturday.

If you open the gate to his little section of the living room, he doesn't hesitate.  He gets on all fours and makes a move for the open door.

And straight to the entertainment center.  With the cord hanging from the 360 being his only interest.

He's also begun squirming to get down after eating.  He is ready to hit the floor and go Go GO!

My James has realized he can get to things.  And he wants them all.

Funniest part?

He's not too interested in tasting it all.  Makes no move to put everything in his mouth.  He tends to turn things over in his hands, testing for buttons and noises.  And proving that he has the ability to grip things really tightly if he doesn't want to let go of them.

I am realizing now why parents give their children old TV remotes to play with.

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