Monday, February 27, 2012

Motherly Advice - For the Most Part

I can't believe that at this time last year I was anxiously counting down the days to my baby shower.

My mom's plane ticket was purchased, invites had been sent, and my cousin and best friend had planned their trips here.

The shower was perfect.  I loved the games, and we seriously had so many presents that I wasn't sure where we were going to put things.  I couldn't have really asked for anything more.  But it didn't end there.

One of the activities they did before I arrived was have all the women there write down on a card some advice or words of wisdom and then seal it in an envelope.  I was then gifted this stack and told they were to remain sealed until needed.  The cards were meant to be opened and read at times when the baby was fussing or I was reaching the end of my rope, with the thought being that they would provide me with sound advice from the women who were there even when they couldn't be there.

I've kept them all in a gift bag, waiting for the moment.  But luckily we've been blessed with a little boy who really is so well behaved and has always slept well.  There's been no need to open those envelopes, and now that he's 9 months old I've decided to start looking through them.

Starting today, I'm going to open 1 envelope each Monday and share the writing with you.  This way I can share some of these pearls of wisdom and maybe a laugh or two.

I was told that the first card I had to open was the one done by my then 8 year-old sister-in-law.  She carefully wrote on the envelope "Open in case of Emergency (Baby Throwing Fit)".

So here is what she had to offer:

"Hold it give it a bottle give it a pacifier Call grandma and send it to her or Michelle.  Kiss it hug it or diaper change if all else fails give it to A"

Even at such a young age, she is brilliant, don't you think?

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