Tuesday, February 28, 2012

He Really Does Look Like His Father

Last Friday I treated myself to something I've wanted and needed for a while:

A camera that can keep up with James.

It's not a fancy DSLR, but close enough.  And the zoom feature allows me to get details of my son I haven't before.

For example this shot that has me staring because it is one of the classic moments when he looks like a miniature version of my husband, his father:

And the split second after that when he ducked down to giggle.

As I was going through the 300 pictures I snapped (no joke!), I said out loud to A, "I love that face!"

Which got me to thinking.

I've read articles and blog postings talking about how most babies look like their father as a way to start the bonding process.  I mean, what man can't help but be proud of his child, especially when people are pointing out the resemblances?

Now, 9 months later, James and his daddy have a unique bond.  As his face begins to change and become more his own, that bond won't change.  It will grow stronger over time.

James and I have our own bond.  He knows mama and blatantly calls for me when he is tired of visiting with people.  If you tell him to go get mama, he will crawl to me and then thrash around like a fish out of water waiting for me to pick him up.

He will always be a little part of me, the only person in this world who really will know what the beat of my heart truly sounds like.

But when those words came out of my mouth I wondered if maybe there was another reason that most babies resemble their father.

Because that is the face of the man you fell in love with.  The person you decided to spend the rest of your life with.

And there it is, starting up at you, loving you with no hesitation, knowing that you are his.

Sadly, I think I realize why I truly believe no woman will ever be good enough for my son.  And when he does find someone who wants to be with him forever and chooses her, I will be so supportive of her.

Because I love that face.  And if she loves that face even half as much as I do, then that's what is meant to be.

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