Monday, March 7, 2011

H is for Hair

Between Shadow, A, and myself I am seriously surprised we haven't killed the vacuum a few times over the years. 

We all shed.  And shed and shed and shed.

I remember when the pregnancy books first mentioned the potential of growing hair and nails faster at the beginning of the pregnancy.  They also mentioned that some women may not have this happen, and when it didn't last Fall I was pretty happy.

I keep my fingernails trimmed in order to be able to use the laptop keyboard with low errors.  And my hair was trimmed in early October, in honest anticipation of growth.

But neither grew, and the shedding continued as before.

Until about 2 weeks ago.

Apparently, the norm is that pregnant women have fuller hair because of a change that stops the hair loss.  Again, not something that everyone may experience, but I am actually enjoying it right now.

There isn't as much to sweep up, it's obvious on our light carpeting that there isn't a small hair animal growing, and we haven't had to seriously invest in Drano for some time.  With my hair having a natural curl, I actually like how full it is all looking.

Of course this condition normally reverses itself about 3 months after the birth.  Which means that I will be getting haircut in May, as close to delivery date as possible, so that I'm not dropping hairs on my son and he doesn't have a wad of it wrapped around his little fingers everyday.

Another thing to add to the list of things to do before delivery...

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