Thursday, March 24, 2011

M is for Maternity Leave

While living in CA, I knew that I had time before and after the birth thanks to state paid disability and then my company's plan on top of it.  I had always looked forward to taking every last minute they would pay me to stay home and take in the new baby smell and tiny feet.

Things are different on this side of the USA.

There is no state paid disability.  And my company's plan only allows for 6 weeks, with no extra clause for c-sections.

Can you feel my frustration?

The biggest advantage I have is working from a home office.  I can get up, be with him, feed him, and keep working without it impacting too much.

I called the short term disability people and they confirmed that if the doctor says I need to extend my leave they will do it and continue to send us checks.  So, at least if I need it for whatever reason I know it's there.

But still.

6 weeks.

This is one of the rare moments where I am thinking having the baby in CA would have been better...

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