Thursday, March 17, 2011

L is for Laughter

Even after 6 years of knowing one another, we still laugh daily.

Whether it's at jokes we tell, television we watch or quote, or just at each other and our foibles, we laugh. A lot.

I remember after high school that one of my closest friends kept in touch with some others I had known, though not as well. One of them married shortly after graduating, and soon had a baby boy. My friend was always telling me about how she was so happy to be pregnant, was always smiling and laughing, enjoying every moment.

And her son was born smiling and laughing.

I don't know for certain how much of anything the baby is absorbing. But if our actions now are molding how he will come into the world, how he will see it, and how he will deal with things, then I think we are doing it right.

We are both so happy to be starting a family, and I hope that he knows that.

For now, we will continue doing what we have been doing: enjoying the changes, loving each other, and laughing our way through life together.

Cause you can never have enough laughter in your life.

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