Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I is for Inoculations

How is that for a big word, huh?

Since the moment we met the Colonel we have been asked about our shots.

By some luck, A had all his updated at the time of his physical back in May of 2009.  My physical in August, which happened 3 weeks before my last cycle began, had me updated with everything.  And thanks for flu shots in November, we have made it through the Winter without any problems.

No flu.  No colds.  Nada.  Nothing.  Zilch.

Of course it has helped that we don't go out.  Neither of us likes crowds, and were on a budget for the holidays, so there was no worries of contamination by being among throngs of people.

I know this ends soon.  Children get sick, it happens, and our chances of avoiding anything he may catch are pretty small.  But we did have discussions about his shots and there will be needles in his future.

We both were subjected to that, and we managed okay.  We've also both played outdoors in dirt as small kids, and I think it has added to the strength our bodies have had to fight things off as we grew.

For now, I'm enjoying a few more months of living with only the threat of allergies.  And trying to remember to stock up on supplies for this Winter and what we know to expect...

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