Friday, December 4, 2009

Sometimes I Wonder About My Logic

I have this vivid thought that I think is a memory. That or a really odd dream.

Back in my youth, I attended a private Catholic school for 9 years. Those were not bad years, far from it, but they were definitely shielded. There was only so much of the outside world that was allowed in. I mean, we had a dress code for the shoes. As in no sneakers until I think I was in 7th grade. Seriously.

I do remember when it was time for their version of "the talk", which to most students would have been a health class. For us, it meant that during P.E. 1 week, the boys were taken to talk with the male P.E. teacher who was some student from the nearby university who came once a week and made us do jumping jacks and play kick ball. The girls were taken to a separate room, and I don't even remember who actually was there with us. I honestly don't think it was one of the nuns, but there wasn't much talking anyway.

They showed us a movie.

Not just any movie, either. It was hosted by Andrea McCardle, the Annie from Broadway. Her and the other orphans discussing what was going to begin changing in our bodies.

For the record, I later remember one of the boys telling us that the gym teacher gave them an overview, answered some questions, and then they hung out.

And they wonder why the teenage pregnancy rate climbed?

So, back to this film....

And this is where it gets hazy, so bear with me.

I seem to remember the overall picture of how ovulation happened, where the ovaries were, and the whole deal. But I think I heard the narrator at some point discuss how rare it was that an egg was released from each ovary at the same time because the body watched that. That it was one month for one ovary, and then the next month the other ovary would get a turn. Back and forth, one ova at a time until they were all gone and withered up and died and menopause started.

Sorry about that last part.

Now, here is where my logic comes in, and why this month is one I am facing with dread:

Month 1, September, the left ovary had something too small, and the right one had something even smaller.

Month 2, October, absolutely nothing in either ovary. Nada, zilch, zero.

Month 3, November, the left ovary had 2 beautiful follicles, and the right one looked like a picture of a black hole.

So if it is going back and forth, and can someone tell me if it doesn't??, then this month would be the right side's turn again. The one that seems to be less helpful than the left.

And the more I think on this version of my brain's lesson in anatomy, the more I am positive this baby of ours doesn't want to be born in CA. It apparently wants to be born in VA, because I am not pushing the move out. The only thing that would keep me here for the birth now is if I end up having to be put on bed rest and told I can't travel by the doctor.

Well, here is hoping that my brain is wrong and next Saturday we have something to work with......

I really am trying to stay positive, people. I swear.

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