Monday, December 21, 2009

Almost Sincerely Happy For You...

My workplace seems to have become the stork's new favorite place to be. Well, at least for some people.

I heard last week of one of our remote employees just having had her baby. Their office hadn't actually mentioned the pregnancy, it was just "she's out on leave" and then suddenly a baby.

Not more than 1 day later, word spread of another remote employee pregnant. She'd just found out and shared it, so the pregnancy is in its early stages.

And there are hints that someone here in the office has managed to get pregnant as well.

Last week, I would have been in the bathroom sobbing. This week, after discussing things and planning at home, I can say I am happy for them. I still am sad, I feel empty inside, but I am not a sobbing mess.

I told A and he grimaced, waiting for the next explosion or meltdown. When I told him I was okay, he seemed skeptical, but I think he realized that I am better about this. I just keep focusing on the next step, and that is the move.

There are some days I want to be moved now. But at the same time I am looking forward to the rest of Winter and Spring, and time to just take it all in.

And you never know, we mights accidentally get pregnant. I'm not holding my breath, but anything could happen, right?

Tomorrow: what I've done to clear my mind in the last 4 days. You may be surprised how relieved I was after changing things at home...

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