Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The One Where He Is Forced To Wear Shoes

Well, we did it.

I found the perfect pair of shoes at Stride Rite's website, on sale for $35, and in his size.  I measured his feet twice, checked for width, and then jumped for joy after I received the confirmation that the order was received.

They arrived yesterday during his nap, so I opened them and prepped them for later.

Once he was awake, he had something to eat, drank some water, and then was changed for an outing to run errands.

And the shoes went on.

He stood in the middle of his room, staring down at them, and looking at us as if we'd gone insane.  He bent over and tugged on them.

I had to take his hands and lead him out of his room and into ours so I could get a fresh shirt and tennis shoes on.  He just stood there in the doorway, looking at the shoes, then at me, then back down.

Daddy prepped his bag with snacks and diapers.  I finished and walked down the hallway, opened the front door, and then called to him to come down and walk out with us.

He didn't budge.  Not even when we stepped out.  Not even when the neighbors dog came to the open door and barked at him.

I had to go back down the hallway, take both of his hands, and slowly lead him to the door.  He walked carefully, still unsure as to what we'd done to him.

20 minutes later, we were at his grandparents' house, and he was set down to play.  It took another 30 minutes before he was his normal self, playing in their living room and kitchen, taking magnets from the fridge.  Walking in his shoes.

He did it.  He wore shoes.  He even kept them on after coming home until it was bedtime.

Today we are at home, so they aren't on.  Tomorrow, we'll put them on again and wear them inside to continue to get him adjusted.

Baby steps.  Just taking baby steps as my baby shows me more and more that he really is a toddler now.

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