Friday, October 12, 2012

Just Something to Share

When we were at the hospital for James' surgery in May, he shared a room with a baby who was having physical therapy with a staff teacher.  The first day, James watched and listened to her playing with the baby, but with it only having been a day since surgery, he wasn't up to doing much.

That second day, she invited James to the play mat, and I sat with him on the floor.  She shared a truck (happened to be the same one he had at home) and a wooden puzzle.  James was ecstatic to be playing, and the baby she was working with looked excited to have someone else playing on the floor.

I mentioned that I loved the puzzles, and she told me she had ordered them online.  She went on to tell me that she orders a lot of the things online for the hospital, and is always looking to get a good deal to save them money.  Her favorite thing?  She had signed up on eBates and was taking the money they refunded to buy more for the kids.

Fast forward to September, and I had to start looking for shoes for James.  I remembered her mentioning eBates, so I went to look at the site.

Since then, I've earned a $10 gift card to Target just for signing up, and so far 1 check for $5 thanks to a referral I made to someone else.  So, that's $15 back, and $35 spent on shoes, and I have another $5 pending plus the percentage back from the cost of the shoes that will be sent to me in November.

At this rate, his shoes will be paid for.

So, I'm just writing this all out so you know that it's for real, and that I have actually received payment from them.

And if you are like me and wanting to save money this Holiday season, you may want to try it.  Just click HERE and start by signing up.  All you have to remember to do is go to their site to find the store first, use their link to the store to shop, and then wait for the refund check.

Yes, it really is that simple.

I am not receiving any compensation for this post and I really do use eBates for all our online shopping now.  If you do sign up using my link above then I will get a referral credited towards my account, but even if you don't want to do that, you should at least give them a try by visiting them directly.  Happy shopping!

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