Monday, October 29, 2012


We live in a corner of the Roanoke Valley, shielded by a mountain that is part of a national forest.  That mountain has saved us from brutal wind storms that knocked power out in other parts of the county.  I blame it for us not seeing more than 1 day of snow in the last year while my in-laws saw 3 days of it plus hail and other interesting forces of nature.

Both of our homes are on opposite ends of the county, with that mountain protecting our side.

Which is why I don't think Sandy will be so bad to us.  Those storms just might give us some snow for Halloween, but otherwise it's just so cold out.

But Sandy is doing me wrong in other ways.  Or might not.  This storm is so all over the place that for now I think I'm safe, but I'm still crossing fingers that it will be okay by Thursday morning.

You see, I need to fly out from one town in NC to another, and then I will be headed to CA for 5 days with my family and friends.

If she shifts her path and starts heading south, this could end badly.

Truthfully, I love flying, and this doesn't bother me at all.  My husband hates flying, and he is nervous about this whole thing.

And he isn't even going with us!

So, for all those in her path, stay safe and dry and keep your loved ones close.

I'll be here staring at the websites tracking her progress, and hoping Sandy decides to leave.  Soon.


  1. i grew up in roanoke!!! been following you forever. your son is gorgeous.

  2. Thank you! Roanoke is still standing and not bad off at all :)