Monday, October 8, 2012

Counting Down

Normally at this time of the year I am muddled down with work.  My job always gets busier at this time, and it has since I was 18.

Wow.  20 years.  That's a long time.

This time around, my workload isn't as bad.  There's just enough work to keep me busy, and at the same time there is no rush and I have time for James.

He is learning daily, spinning in circles until he falls on his butt and giggles, playing with his wooden puzzles and actually trying to get the pieces in the right places, and following and mimicking us more and more.

As all this goes on, I keep looking at the calendar.  Time is flying, almost too fast in some ways, not fast enough in others.

He grows every day, and that I wish I could slow.

But my brother will be here this weekend.  I've not seen him since leaving CA, and I cannot wait for some time with him.  To introduce him to his nephew and watch them play.

His girlfriend is coming, and after the 24 hours we spent with her in August, I'm actually just as anxious to see her as well.  She fits so perfectly in our family, almost as if she's been missing all along, and getting time to talk and laugh again is making me bounce in my seat.

Three weeks after they arrive, James and I will be headed back to CA for a short visit.  I'll be at my 20th high school reunion.  He'll be meeting people that I can honestly say I've known longer than half my life.

Oh, October.  I knew I loved you for a reason.  Now let's get to the good parts, okay?

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