Monday, July 30, 2012

Tech Savvy Toddler

James has inherited a 1st generation iPhone that was mine once upon a time.

This was done in order to get him to leave mine alone.  He had started wearing down my battery, and I really was worried it would end up under a large appliance in the kitchen.

In the 3 months he has had his device, there wasn't much interest in it until about 3 weeks ago.  Something clicked that he could have it, and now that he was walking, he looked like me.  Wandering the kitchen and dining room with it in one hand, checking it regularly.

Then this last weekend we realized he actually had figured it out.  He was using the device and not just swiping randomly.

You have to admit, considering he caught this from watching us and playing with it on his own, and not from anyone showing him what to do, he is managing pretty well.

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