Thursday, July 5, 2012

Eating Us Out of House and Home

Someones appetite is reaching epic proportions.

He has graduated to Stage 3 foods for most meals, except dinner.

Almost every single Stage 3 "dinner" meal has some type of meat.  I don't know what it is, but they seem to insist upon it, and James is just not having it.

He will eat my meatloaf, even macaroni and cheese off my plate, but if we pop open one of those jars.....

It's the only time I've seen him gag and spit food up.  Even if he is starving.

And I need to clarify:

This kid eats EVERYTHING!  He tries it all at least once, especially if it's from my plate, but if he smells more than veggies or fruit on the spoon he will throw his head back and clamp his jaw shut.

So, if anyone out there has suggestions on food, that would be great.  Because at the rate he is going, James will be eating 5 tubs of food for dinner in order to get him to eat something besides squash.

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