Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Apparently He Wanted More

James is officially on his way to be being a real, honest to goodness, fast on his feet, toddler.

What started as a few steps here and there has progressed to walking across the living room and into the kitchen with no falling or fumbling.  He just moves along.

There are still occasionally moments where he would prefer to have you with him.  He will stand up at the couch, hands on my knees, and then reach out for a finger.  Then he turns, and starts to step away, still holding the finger, and pulling.  We are getting quick to stand with him, and he will lead us around to where he wants to be.

Last week, we were all in the living room, playing on the floor and laughing.  It's become my favorite time, the evenings when we've all eaten, and James is content to have us at his full disposal.

After about 30 minutes, his attention went from us to his toys.  When it became obvious that he wasn't coming back, A went to the other room to check his email, and I sat up on the couch to watch James do his thing.

He kept playing for about 5 minutes and then looked around.  I watched him observe his surroundings, being able to see A in one room and me near him.

That's when he crawled over and did something that we couldn't believe.

As mentioned above, he took my finger and walked me off the couch.  I was lead to the next room, and he stopped when we were both standing in front of A at his desk.  James made a grunt, then let go of me and sat at our feet.  He just looked up at us and smiled.

It's the clearest indication I have ever seen of someone so small wanting more family time.  He just sat there, bouncing on his butt, waiting for us.

So we picked him up and went back to the living room floor to play some more.

I love this kid.

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