Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Best Greeting Ever

Normally on the weekends, I will go out and pick up some bad breakfast foods from either Hardees (if you are on the West Coast, it's Carls Jr.) or McDonald's.

Lately, the trick has been to slide out the door without James noticing.

He hears that front door open, and he comes from anywhere to see who is here.  The other day we had sandwiches delivered from Jimmy Johns and he sat there staring at the delivery guy.  When I turned to write in the tip and sign the receipt, he closed the door on him.

He did the same to the neighbor who came by to watch him walk, too.  Apparently, he'll go to the doorway, but you aren't allowed in.  And when he's done, he's learned to close the door.

So, Saturday morning I snuck out while he was playing with A and made the trip to pick up food.  I was gone a whole 20 minutes, and slowly opened the front door to make sure I didn't bump him.

No worry there.  He was on the other end of the living room, but when he heard that door he whipped his head around.

The moment he saw me, he grinned and started to scream like he does when he is excited and playing.

As I slid in and closed the door behind me, James walked right over to me, still screaming and grinning, and put his arms around my legs.

I told A that I wanted to go out and run another errand just to get that greeting again.

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