Monday, July 9, 2012

Mommy Monday

It really has been another crazy 4 weeks here.  When I realized it was Monday, I thought I'd pull out a card and see what the advice was.  Then I looked at the calendar.

Yeah, it's been 4 weeks.

So here we go!

The first is just great:

"I have no advice.  I have no kids.  But you are not alone and I love you.  Even though I'm far away, call me RIGHT NOW!  I will make you laugh :) "

That right there is my cousin.  I've thought of her as another sister over the years, and we are always there for one another.  I love her.

Next up is another cute card.

The youngest guest at the baby shower was the daughter of my husband's cousin's girlfriend.  (Bueller?  Bueller?)  Even at such a young age her advice is still sound:

"Give him a bottle and rock him."

She's going to make a great babysitter someday!

My SIL, who said she is never going to change a diaper, EVER, gave me this:

"Call me anytime you need a break.  I'll be right over - maybe I can even bring a milkshake!"

She knows my weaknesses!

And finally something from one of my husband's aunts.  She is really one of my favorite people, very straightforward, and not afraid to voice her opinion:

"Follow your own instincts and don't let others "boss" you around.  You'll know what he needs and you are equipped to give it to him! L - O - V - E!"

Told you she was one of my favorite people!!!


  1. Bueller here! She is begging for a baby. Good thing is when I am comfortable leaving the baby alone she will be old enough to babysit!

  2. Beth, if you want a sitter, I will be itching to hold a new baby and smell that amazing smell! Please don't hesitate!!